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Guitar Max Pickup Control System for Guitar & Bass.

:"The most important advance for guitar since the humbucker..."

The patented Guitar Max Pickup Control System is the worlds first pickup control system designed to unlock the full potential of any multi-wire guitar or bass pickups. The Guitar Max system can arrange the pickup coils of humbuckers and single coils in any combination of series or parallel, in or out of phase. All of this is done with micro-switching matrix to keep the guitar tone passive and pure. No phony modeling or digital synthesis, just the rich, natural tones you want in the order you want. Guitar Max can also control the tone pot and optional electronics eliminating the need additional controls and simplifying performance. Totally hidden "stealth" systems also available. View guitars with the Guitar Max programmable system installed.

Guitar Max Pickup Control System Features:

  • Thousands of confutations of series, parallel, coil tap & reverse phase.
  • Versions available for guitars & basses with 3, 4, 5 or 6 coils.
  • Store up to 100 preset configurations for instant recall.
  • Micro switching matrix keeps the sound 100% passive & pure.
  • Intelligent software adapts to any pickup and control configuration.
  • Use any 3-way or 5-way pickup selector, mini switch or push/pull switch as preset & bank controls.
  • Optional Momentary switch accesses "Bank Group X" with expanded presets.
  • Programmable control of volume and tone pots, optional preamps & piezo/synth pickups.
  • Quickly view pickup settings, battery voltage, power usage & more.
  • Stealth models available for totally hidden installations with remote programming.

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